No Crisis: Opportunity Knocks In The Danger Zone




GORDONVILLE – There is a Chinese word that is kind of like Shalom – hello, goodbye and peace — in Hebrew, as it takes on multiple meanings.

It translates to the following: crisis and/or danger, but also opportunity.

No clue how to pronounce it, but that’s cool.

It has a symbol instead.

And given the choice between dying or living while branded for life with a tattoo, I would
probably opt for this symbol (at least on one arm, with the other bearing a heart with Sofia’s name and birth date — 3-29-07 — within it).

It has come to mean that much to me since my life was put on a different course a few months ago.

Save the typical jobs one holds down as a young adult – camp counselor, bus boy/dishwasher, file clerk, waiter and a retail mall-rat – I only knew one field, that of journalism, from April of 1988 to April of this year.

That’s 25 years, more than half of my 48 on the planet.

It was a crisis. There was a danger involved when considering the next steps, which remain an ongoing process, but the possibilities – the opportunities – are wide open.

This is perhaps why the word – and the symbol – has the double meaning. You can’t have one without the other. If one craves true opportunity, the danger of a crisis is the bridge to get there.

No way around it.

Pay the toll and cross, or pull up and look at the water while others continue their journey.

A big part of the crossing is what you are reading now – a blog entry.

It is a continuation of the “columns in exile” that I began posting on Facebook, but now I have moved forward in seizing the opportunity by endeavoring to do something a lot of detractors said I didn’t have the aptitude to pull off.

One of the lessons we all need to learn is what you can’t read in a book. Other people’s attempts to define us say more about them, and their quest to like the person they see in the mirror.

That’s baggage no longer worth carrying.

I am more me now than I have been in a long time; as carefree as the spindly kid in a Jew-Fro playing street hockey on some blacktop in Northeast Philly until dark, as focused as the Bob Dylan wannabe furiously scribbling song lyrics (a phase that commenced when it was
clear the NHL was not knocking).

As a wonderful summer of catch-up quality time with Sofia, who is still at that tender age when parents are not sharing time with her friends, I have soared into the Blogosphere
here at

It’s not an end point, or even the beginning of the end, but the beginning of turning the danger/crisis into opportunity.

No matter where the road on the other side of the bridge takes me, I will always have this.

Here, as I discover “digital” toys at my disposal, you will find at least one missive per week – maybe more – that would equate to my weekly column.

I will also add photos, quotes, Top 10 lists ranging from pop culture to pizza topics, random thoughts, polls and groovy links.

You will also get updates on some exciting projects I have working – production of a music CD of original songs I have co-written, books, etc.

There are no delusions of grandeur here; no notions that this will land me as a guest on “Real Time With Bill Maher” (his loss).

But it is an opportunity – an opportunity to connect with others, which is the goal of any self-proclaimed
writer type.

For those of you who have sought me out on Facebook and continued to follow my columns there, I appreciate it more than I can … put into words.

Some of the messages you sent – along with Friend requests – kept me going at times when I felt like pulling over at a rest stop with this bridge to somewhere nowhere in sight.

It was a crisis. Danger was in the air.

So was opportunity.

And so it begins.

Welcome to


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