Rally Time





GORDONVILLE — When a twister blows through a small town in Tornado Alley, the whole community rallies.

They are hoping — and expecting — outside help, but they don’t wait on it.

They galvanize, and take action — as a whole — as soon as the storm passes.

They do it themselves.

A slow, silent and subtle storm has left the Norristown Area School District leveled.

The once-proud athletic tradition is a shell of its former self.

And with the athletic director and head football coach jobs up for grabs, the community has been put to the apathy test.

The good news is that there are positive signs.

On Monday night, there will be a meeting to plot a course about where to go from here.

And when you have suffered to ignominy of losing football games to schools — like Springfield-Montco — that once were deemed not even fit to take to the same field as Norristown, you can’t shrug it off.

When private and parochial schools are picking the bones of your home-grown talent and leaving only a skeleton behind, it’s time to act.

Monday’s meeting will not be a pleasant gathering over tea and crumpets, nor should it be.

The tornado has left devastation in its wake, and it can’t be more of a mess when the meeting adjourns.

The encouraging sign is that many former athletes who gave blood, sweat and tears into sports at the school are among the loudest voices.

Let’s hope that the power brokers — that being the school board — are there, listening, with open minds.



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