No Room At The Inn

No Room At The Inn

A stampede on Black Friday
My brother got a bruised lip
Put up our decorations
Get chills as the tree is lit
No need to see the priest
I am cool with all my sins
We have our nativity scene
But there’s no room at the inn

Sat up for the late, late show
Saw Voyage of the Damned
That can’t be the truth
Just another Hollywood sham
America was at its best then
Don’t you dare flip the script
Had none of these holiday trees
And there was no room at the inn

Took a bus to Ellis Island
The Statue of Liberty too
Give me your tired, your poor
Huddled mass can’t look like you
You better learn to speak English
Like my kinfolk sorta did
It’s somewhere in the scriptures
That there’s no room at the inn

Gonna put it on the line
It’s all about me and mine
They got some strange ways
And that’s all I am gonna say
Maybe I’ve gone blind
Maybe I’ve gone numb
It’s hard to know the facts
So easy to stay dumb

I can’t see my enemy’s face
Just blends in with the crowd
I have the only solution
It’s best just to keep them all out
Well, I ain’t scared of nothing
Just some women and their kids
Get me a new gun for Christmas
There’s no room at the inn

No room at the inn

-Gordon Glantz

A Syrian

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