Imagining Peace



INNER PEACE PLAYGROUND — Too often we wait for “just the right moment.” We go through life waiting and waiting. We tend to think that someday everything will just fall into place and we wait on that ultimate happiness, while throwing away the present moment. We’ve been conditioned to believe that when we find the “right” job, we find the “right” partner, we lose the weight, we get enough sun, we have the right friends, we have the dream car, when we can go faster, when things slow down, etc., that we THEN will have things “right” and as a result, feel at peace. We live in an illusion of peace being just beyond our reach, rather than by creating peace here and now.

While the world unravels with the most recent of tragic events and reeks of a lack of peace, you still can find peace from within. Most folks look for peace from the outside and as a result, they live without the inner peace that is readily available to them.

In memory of all who lost their lives because the world as a whole does not know peace, today is the day to have peace and to make peace with yourself. You, in all of your totality, hold the key to your happiness. Now is the future you waited for and now is the time to free yourself of the illusion of peace being just beyond your own horizon. Instead of putting off all that you want in life, breathe deeply, allow self love to embody you and embrace inner peace today.

The amazing thing is that once you are at peace with yourself, all of those other things that seemed so important will comfortably fall into place. You living in peace changes the vibration of the universe. Yes, you’re that powerful.

Embrace this moment, find peace within yourself and then share that with others. I promise you that when you do, you’ll feel the world change in the most wonderful of ways.

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